heppell family pages

we have been building web pages and other places online for a long time, since the very first months of the WWW in fact! - and we didn't have browsers to view them with then!:

I really like being a Dad - with three children, and their two partners, and now four grandchildren (but surely i'm still only 18?). And Lys has Harry too. So this is a page of rather unstructured links to some of their stuff, past and present:

ELdest daughter Juliette had pages right from the dawn of the www code - the earliest site of hers that I remembered to archive, was from 1995. She was a dedicated and wonderfully effective teacher in West London, now living in Brightlingsea, but this was her website in 1995 - including a rather gleeful teenage Juliette with a remnant of poor Damon Albarn's t shirt, ripped from him in mid gig..

and this is Juliette's website today - still registered at www.juliette.org.uk and her blog today is here and her widely downloaded free iBook on designing a learning space is here.

Middle daughter Melissa - lives on Portland with her two children Amelie and Louis - and her (double Olympic medialist!) partner Simon with his business. Here is Melissa's site from 1995, a page from her architecture degree work at UCL's Bartlett, and here's her site from 2001, and her site today. Melissa now teaches as a vice principal in Portland UK.

Youngest, son Toby, has a website at www.tobyheppell.com - which is undergoing some development. He he is back from his blissful career skiing and running chalets in the French Alps with partner Cali - here is her work. And here is an old site of his too... and he currently is editor of the fab Yachts and Yachting magazine.

Christmas: and oh dear yes we do publish, as a family, one of those annoying annual update circulars for those that we don't see enough of during the year. I rather enjoy reading them personally! Anyway, in answer to some requests you can now see our various Christmas newsletters and cards going back to 1985 (at least were were early into this!)... if you must.

more to come here...



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