Be Very Afraid

Each year a selection of ingenious students from primary to university age are invited along to BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) in London's Piccadilly to show and talk about the extraordinary things they are doing with new technologies in their learning. During the day the students chat informally to guests and demonstrate their projects. Each year is more ambitious, each year poses real questions for policy makers and parents as the ambitions of these 21" century learners together with their ability to deliver on these ambitions becomes apparent. Although we l|m|t the scale of these conversations and demonstrations of the day they are captured annually as a DVD, a website, podcasts and as photographs so that many thousands around the world can enjoy the event and be inspired too.

Be Very Afraid eXtra

Professor Stephen Heppell, extended the opportunity for local organisations to sponsor their own BVA events in locales around the world. He has dubbed these events as BVA eXtra

The main goal of BVA eXtra is to showcase what students are doing both in and out of school. The set up includes a venue where students are able to display their work at stations equipped with large screen monitors and technology tools. Throughout the day educators, business leaders and community members visit with students in informal conversations captured by film crews.

St Clair County RESA in Marysville Michigan had the privilege of being the first United States BVA eXtra partner. Our event was successfully held on August 25, 2011. Student exhibitors included individuals and teams. They were invited to present, based upon recommendations from teachers or other school officials. 

The night before the exhibition students gathered for dinner with Professor Heppell. This BVA eXtra was held concurrently with the 21" Century Learning Symposium. The exhibition day provided students an opportunity to showcase their talents to 600 Symposium participants as well as community visitors.