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charrette 2: cognitive science and enhanced cognition - from psychopharmacology to brain training
the event runs this week

provocations for charrette 2

this page links to an intentionally randon set of provocations ahead of our charrette on cognitive science and enhanced cognition - from psychopharmacology to brain training - with a view to what it means for policy and learning.

Just because stuff is here doesn't mean it has any value other than to help us focus a bit before we meet...

sandberg and bostrom: cognitive enhancement: a review of technology from the "future of humanity institute"

apple's knowledge navigator: a vision of smart computing from the 80s - AI, voice rec, agents, traditional university classes, data visualisations...

special powers aren't just for comic-book characters: report of a stanford university conference exploring transhumanism, bioethics, human enhancement and human rights (these are provocations, right?)

the mekon :"those puny earth creatures cannot defeat me... the greatest brain in the universe"... etc - from dan dare comic strip in the 1950s eagle comic

smart mice: bbc reporting of "smart mice" back in 2000: "but I think that we are moving ever closer to finding an agent that will facilitate when we are learning".


event date: 18 - 19 march 08
location: tower bridge, london

chair: prof stephen heppell
rapporteur: bill lucas
media: illumina (sabrina organo producer, scott munroe, stephen crawley)

a brain


nick bostrom: university of oxford
stephen emmott: microsoft research
tom heaton: eidos - brain benders
maarjte schermer: erasmus medical center
derek robertson: teaching and learning scotland
eugene sadler-smith: university of surrey
bill lucas: rapporteur

stephen heppell: heppell.net
lys johnson: heppell.net

dominic flitcroft: dcsf
bill gibbon: futurelab
doug brown: becta

horizonTAL - horizon scanning for learning from heppell.net

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