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lead sponsor: the UK's Department of Children Schools and Families DCSF

charrette 3:
the economics of future learning

four outputs:

mike baker's reflections as rapporteur

mike baker's face

as audio (here) 9mb
in text (here)

initial thoughts - see video outputs

in pairs reflecting on: "if we were the Minister of Education we’d focus our attention on what to cope with the new financial world that learning is entering?":

see video outputs

stephen heppell's policy briefing paper
(which may not be released for quite a while - it is intended as an internal policy brief)



event date: 15 - 16th july 08
location: tower bridge, london

chair: prof stephen heppell
rapporteur: mike baker
media: illumina: stephen crawley, scott munroe, sabrina organo

a brain


lyndsay bird: save the children fund
doug brown: becta
dominic flitcroft: dcsf
stephen healy: activeMINDS
sandra mcnally: london school of economics
harry patrinos: world bank
james penny: ex ibm, GDST
catrina taylor: gems education
lys johnson: heppell.net

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