Schools OnLine 1995 - 96

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our sponsors and supporters:

it was Ian Taylor's UK Department of Trade and Industry, not the Department of Education that had the vision to back SoL and it did so by assembling a group of companies who gained early and, in most cases valuable, insights into how the web might work for learning.

Our sponsors and supports were:

  • Acorn Computers Ltd
  • Admiral Management Services
  • Apple Computer, Inc
  • Apricot Computers Ltd
  • BNR Europe
  • British Telecom
  • BULL
  • Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
  • EDS
  • GPT Ltd
  • IBM (UK) Ltd
  • ICL
  • Intel Corporation (UK)
  • MARI Group
  • M & G
  • Motorola
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Research Machines plc
  • US Robotics

Tom King of ICL chaired the sponsors and supporters group
and kept everyone's feet on the ground across the project.


Professor Stephen Heppell, for the whole SoL team
© 1995