prof stephen heppell

welcome: on the way to the excellent ASPA conference in perth in 2008, I paused at Dubai to observe how people's approach to the moving pavement that links the airport's gates makes quite a good (if trite) analogy for their approaches to ICT too. This is not to suggest anything specific about Dubai - most folk I know there are on the moving pavement and running (!) so to speak, but the analogy is a general one of course.

I wrote about this on my phone blog at the time, but also made this short set of images (saved here as QuickTime - if you haven't got it installed, you just should) to use in my keynote. I saved it as an interactive movie - click to move on to the next speech bubble.

I was asked to put it somewhere where it could be found: this is that place - launch the movie from here and then save it or whatever... enjoy


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