I have just finished studying for my GCSE's and have just received my results. I took 11 subjects altogether, French, German, English lit. and Lang, Maths, Science, Economics, Design and technology, Art and design and Humanities. I got an A in everything except French where I got a B. I was really pleased with my results especially of my Economics because my teacher had told me I was going to get an E!!!

I studied for my GCSE's at the Colne Community School in Brightlingsea. I was there for 5 years and I could have stayed on at that school to study my A levels but I have decided to go to the Sixth Form College, Colchester. This will be a shock for me because it will be the first time in my life that I have been to a place where my sister has not been first.

I will be studying A level Maths, Chemistry, Art and computing. Doing four A levels I will have little free time but no doubt I will spend It all on sailing.

The actuall courses I am doing are, SMP Maths, Salters chemistry art and computing. If any one has any info about these subject (or documents/essays that they would like to send to me,) then I would be greatful if they could mail them to me through my e-mail address.

The college in Colchester is really nice and all the teachers seem really nice and I am actually looking forward to starting on the 6th of September.

Being in Colchester has other advantages. For a start because Brightlingsea is so small there are absolutely no shops at all in it so I will be near them every day. This is good for me, but not necessarily for my bank balance. A down side to going to Colchester is because I will have to catch the 8:00 bus in the mornings to be in school for 9:00. But that's life.

I will keep you updated about life at the collage.

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