No not the TV series although I am a big fan and have been to their Friends pages.

I have quite a number of friends who all go down to the sailing club. We have nearly all known each other all of our lives and you will probably see the same people crop up if you visit my pin board.

My sailing friends are different to my school friends and i spend a lot more time with them. We all go out together although this is hard some times because we are all of mixed ages, the youngest of our group is 10 and the oldest is 18. But most of the people are around my age.

We all have a great laugh together and do all sorts of things. We all go to various sailing weeks together, but we also arrange other trips to go out together like last Christmas where we all went out to a restaurant together. That was really good fun but I think if the restaurant saw us coming again they would probably run a mile. We also go out to the cinema and other stuff which is a great laugh. My school friends are also close to me however we are all going our separate ways know, some are getting jobs, some are staying at my old school to do A levels and some are going to the 6th form collage. We have all said we will keep in touch and so hopefully we will.

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