Christmas 1985...


In 1985 this card was hand drawn (Stephen) and the lettering was done with Letraset, each letter placed by hand! The photocopied image was then stuck (gree paper on red card) by hand onto each card. Phew.

Looking at the images you'll notice the girls early Mirror sailing on the wall picture - they did do a fair bit of upside down work, but perseverance is everything as results since have shown! The sailing mad family life is also in evidnce in the pirate hat (yup, she did wear one just like that). Toby objects that he never did look like a Christmas pudding, but in truth we spent so much time out of doors that he was always wrapped up to look a bit like one. And it did snow a fair bit that year too. Melissa's bunches and Juliette's freckles are still in evidence today, of course.

christmas card 1985

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